Colomoda – Underwear distributor

Colomoda is an importer of the brands Mundo Unico, Clever and Pikante and takes care of the distribution in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe.

About Colomoda


Colomoda has been working with Colombian manufacturers and brands since 2010. Brands that are exclusive and less known to the general public. We do this for shops and webshops that want to stand out, because Colomoda believes there is a growing need for original and innovative men’s underwear.

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Our Approach

For Colomoda, personal contact is very important. Contact with the people behind the brands we import, but also with our customers to whom we supply products, is of paramount importance. Reliable and fast service is always central. With our b2b platform, ordering men’s underwear has never been easier.

Janwillem de Kwaasteniet


Our Core Values


Every entrepreneur has a real influence on society. Doing business goes further than just making a profit. The brands Colomoda works with intensively all contribute to the local economy and community. The factories have excellent working conditions as well, with Colomoda’s founder ensuring this annually with personal visits to said factories.

Latest collections

With our exclusive access to brands, you have regional presence. We don’t want to be represented on every single high street. 

– Janwillem –  Colomoda

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